Mason's favorite links (Lizzie doesn't even know what a link is, and doesn't care.)
Mason asleep in Sue's arms on boat  

A Pug's Voice, Mason's popular blog on Wordpress

A Pug's Voice (the book) NEW!

Mason on Twitter

Mason and Lizzie's fan page on Facebook

A Pugs Voice on Posterous

Beach Pug Press on Zazzle (cute pug stuff)

Cape Card, Grandpa's incredibly clever and whimsical online shop

Andrew Newman Design, Grandpa's design site

Pug Stories

Pug Meetup

Pug Village

Pug Nation


Roxy, Blue and Bono's iDen


Pug Stories

Lydia and Pugs

Tales of the Great Rockeater


Kendoric-Highland Pugs

Best Bully Sticks

My Dog Ate It Catering

Sandhill Cottage Pets

Four Seas Ice Cream

Soho Arts Company; the only store
selling Summer Pugs on Cape Cod

Urban Pugs


Pugpack Twibe

Outside the Lines, The Pugpant Chronicles

Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue


Mason can be a cuddlepug when he is tired  
Mason with his favorite ice cream  
Mason won't let go even though there's nothing left  
Lizzie asleep on table  
Lizzie may have had one too many.    

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