Annie, Mason and Nick  
What people and pugs are saying about Summer Pugs

"It's well-known that I'm a big softy when it comes to dogs (hopefully, BonBon my cat won't be reading this). So when "Summer Pugs: Lizzie and Mason's Cape Cod Summer" hit the desk, I had to take a lingering look. I didn't pick up right away that these were local dogs. I thought they were just visiting, as so many other family pets do. But Lizzie and Mason enjoy a Cape Cod home just like the rest of us and all the pleasures of sea and sand. What is so appealing about photos of dogs doing doglike things (running, sleeping, riding in the car, staring down a couple of lobsters, greeting the UPS guy)? I don't know. But if you love pugs or silly books about dogs, you'll appreciate this light little book. Or you can tell people you bought it for your kids. Right."

Bookshelf (Cape Cod Times)
By Melanie Lauwers
August 09, 2009

"My husband, Phil, read SUMMER PUGS to our pugs today. They enjoyed the book as you can see in the photo. Seriously, we enjoyed the book and can't wait for the sequels...FALL, WINTER and SPRING PUGS! Love seeing what pugs do on the east coast and Mason and Lizzie are truly lucky to spend their summer in Cape Cod. Thanks for sharing that with all of us." -Susan Lauer

"I keep forgetting to let you know that I got the book...I read it too...
It is adorable and I love all the pictures of the kids...sooo cute....I hope you do well with it!" Sandy Powers

"I did my happy pug dance today-Summer Pugs was waiting in the mailbox for me! Such a great view into your life. Thank you!"-Maximus Pug

"Thank you!!! Just came today I love it! It's adorable." -Diane Luger

"Summer Pugs arrived today and is gorgeous! Story time was extra special, because of it, today! Thank you!" -Kabuki Pug

"Highly recommend @APugsVoice book - the adventures of Mason Pug and his sister! My copy arrived last week - four paws up!" -Nancy Medina (via twitter)

What people are saying about A Pug's Voice, Mason's blog

"Has Mason ever thought about writing a screenplay? He'd be ever so good." –Bunnychip

"I enjoyed your post Lizzie. Keep writing! I love to read your stories. They make me laugh!" (comment after Mason let Lizzie write one of the blogs) –Joanna

"Just read Mason's latest (Real Men Love Pugs). Oh Mason you are such a manly man pug! I love reading your blogs. Can't wait for the next one. You look extremly manly in the picture by the way!" –Joanna

"If I need a smile, Mason's blog never fails to bring one to my face!" —RottnPugz

"You are definitely the man, Mason!! It is an absolute pleasure to read your blogs, so please keep writing! Glad to hear the vet trip went well." —Joanna, owned by the one and only Rufus

"I love love love reading your blogs!!" —Joanna, owned by the one and only Rufus

"I was going to check this out last night, but got tied up. OMG, this is too cute. I wish my Pugs were so cleaver. Even I'm not that good. Any chance that Mason and Lizzie could join us for Puggerfest In Oklahoma in October?" —Anita, Mama to Maggie, MacKenna, Scarlett, Keisha and and Zoey

"They are so darn cute....Mason is quite the little man isn't he....I love reading about their adventures at the Cape." —Rhonda, Dee Dee and Eve

"What a grand life Mr. Mason and Miss Lizzie have!!! I love reading his blog as well!!" –Ann, pugmom to Frodo

"I love it too....he's a hoot....and so witty...that little "Mason" and don't you just love how he is always on poor little Lizzie? or as Mason sometimes calls her "Lizzard"." —Rhonda, Dee Dees grandma

"Thank you Mason, your gift for writing is giving me inspiration. Not for writing but for looking at things differently." —El, Mom to Keeyahshah and Akina

"I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading I really like the one about the toe nails. I rolled on the floor. Please keep writing for Mason. He's doing a fantastic job." —katb

"I'm loving this! The more I read the funnier it gets!" -Nikki, mom to Sophie, Otis and Dewey

"Oh Mason, I had no idea! But there's a lot to be said about your positive attitude. Keep that up and keep writing in your blogs. I feel like you are part of my family since I read your blogs faithfullly. It made me feel a little sad to read this. I hope you will be ok dear Mason. On a lighter note, your previous blog as always, gave me a much needed chuckle on an otherwise boring Monday morning at work. Love the pictures. And Grandma is do look like an angel! Please continue to take care of yourself and know that you are in our thoughts." :) -–Joanna, owned by the one and only Rufus

Annie and Nick with Mason after he did a stellar job as ringbearer at their wedding. This beautiful photo was taken by our good friend Anthony Loew.  
lizzie peaking in boat  
Lizzie on-board
Mason at Sampson's Island  
Mason at Sampson's Island looking expectant

Mason sunbathing

Mason sunbathing

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